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“Parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go.

Fred Rogers

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Hi! I’m April. I’m a mother, teacher, researcher, student, artist, listener, observer, and early childhood specialist.

Toddlers are a lot. They are growing and changing more rapidly than they ever will again. Emotions are intensified by a lack of word structures, independence is the most important aspect of their day, and sometimes the most impossible part. Feelings are physical, they only want macaroni and cheese, refused that nap, and literally asked for a snack from the back seat, then dropped it on purpose and then proceeded to have a complete break down looking at it spilled, completely unreachable, all over the back seat.

I hope that while you’re here you find some gems for everything from behavior to art projects, but most of all I hope you find inspiration in your own originality. I focus on approaches that ground parents and caregivers and support intuitive responses anchored in understanding the early childhood experience.

April received her degree in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University Fullerton and completed her Masters in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on Leadership and Organizational Change.

Winner of the Althea B. McLaren award in Arts in Early Childhood and the Robert B. McLaren award in Children’s Moral Development.

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A few notes that describe the importance of caring for the r o o t s in early childhood. Every root system is connected to a child’s life trajectory, and the trajectory of our world.

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For support, questions, or conversation please contact me through the form below. Here are some ways I have been able to support others:

  • Connecting schools in your community for support with supplies, resources, subs, training, and approaches.
  • Creating enriching early childhood environments at home.
  • Plans and approaches for times of conflict with anything from behavior to academics.
  • Powerful approaches to art in early childhood
  • Individualized curricula to support root learning during a time of distance learning.
  • Applying and/or exploring different early childhood learning philosophies and what might support your child exactly where they are.
  • Classroom/School organization and beautification
  • Early childhood program design or re-design to ignite more unification between your school and surrounding schools