From preschool to pre-menopause and far beyond- we all need to chill out. Coming across these jars made me feel like I:

  1. Was walking down a crisp and dewy meadow I created in my mind using internet memes and my 3rd grade state report about Maine.
  2. Fell through the shower drain into a milky and majestic universe where my heart beats in songs and there are seahorses, ferns and roses as far as the eye can see.

Aren’t they amazing. A contained glitter paradise. What more could I ask for?

Image result for meditation jar glitter

Meditation Jars can be created and used by all ages.  Some might say replace the glass for plastic when working with certain age groups.

I say get rid of the plastic, go for the glass. Risk taking is essential for healthy development. Use more glass in your home and classroom and inspire a child’s ability to feel confident, able and successful. Setting up your home and classroom so that young children can take more risks, whether in arts and crafts or in day to day living will enable a child to feel in control- which will affect behavior in positive ways. 

1 Mason Jar

Glitter Glue

Fine glitter and chunky glitter

Hot water

Food Coloring

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