4 thoughts on “A record of spaces. 

  1. I love your pictures. I am grateful that we have a wonderful congregation and practitioners and ministers to support us through our transition. I can only imagine what it is like to move to a whole new environment so far away. Please know that I have had congregants requesting that we put together a prayer circle to support you from afar. You are in my prayers and in the prayers on many others. We love you an wish you only the best in navigating your “Big Leap” I know that it is already done in the mind of God and walking through the process can be a big opportunity for growth (otherwise known as a big challenge)

    I believe it is O.K. to complain occasionally. For me, it can let some of the steam out so I can then move on and take the next indicated step.

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    1. Hi Marjorie, thank you for this sweet message. I can feel the love and support from you and our family at SBCSL everyday. I hope you all feel our love too.

      I also believe it’s okay to complain occasionally 😉

      Lots of Love Marjorie,


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