Fall for the First Time. 

Late September we took a weekend road trip to Buena Vista, CO. Josh’s Dad spent some time growing up there. It was an interesting venture to experience this little town through our own first time eyes, while also thinking about Josh’s Dad standing in the same place, at a different time. I love looking into a time paradox like that one. 

The trip included about 4 hours of driving, lunch, a very chilly walk around Buena Vista’s down town, a look at some calm white water rapids, an hour in the hot springs during icy showers, and seeing fall for the first time! It ended with a rainy Mexican dinner near home.  

Oh, also it included a really open and equally gross changing room..,, but I’m working on forgetting that completely 😂

Anyway, here is what fall for the first time looked like to me. 


3 thoughts on “ Fall for the First Time. 

  1. , so beautiful thanks for sharing your outing. Let me know how you’re doing? How’s the job and how is school and how are you?

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  2. Oh, April….these photos are so exciting and exhilarating….I am excited for you that you get to be so close to nature and God! Love you and miss you, Leona


    1. It’s certainly beautiful! I miss you too! We think of you all the time! I got to talk to Sylvia and see some pictures from Brazil. It looked like such an incredible time. Love you!


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