Our First Wedding Anniversary.

It’s our first wedding anniversary!

We drove out to Estes Park, a beautiful coloring book complete with the hotel from The Shining… 😏

The town was eerie and stuffed with Santa’s and Christmas parades. We had experiences like standing in a restaurant for 20 minutes with every employee walking around and in front of us without acknowledging our existence. Most places we went to had one employee doing everything. Everywhere closed at 8:00pm even if it said it was open until 10. We got pizza and chicken wings and a lady sat them down with 2 dollars and let us know one fell off in the oven… “so here is a couple bucks.” Are you laughing? If not really take a moment to imagine this…
and laughing and hugging and kissing. We invented a new comedy series (coming soon) entitled, “expert marriage advice” where we share the stupidest things we have ever done as if they were smart.

We got sad about leaving Seal Beach, happy about our adventures and hurt by some of the pain we have experienced.

We sang songs to each other, watched a reality show we had never seen and gave it enduring background talk.

We went whiskey tasting and didn’t realize two flights is a lot of whiskey! Whiskey has vivid and beautiful layers of flavor and smells, I’ve really been missing out until now.

We sat silently together, we put our fingers through each other’s hair, and we took walks in the bitterly cold wind.

I gave him a painting I did of the night he proposed and our move to Colorado. He gave me the most beautiful letter I have ever read.

When we sleep we don’t often let go of each other and the same rules applied…. although the hotel room was hot and uncomfortable and it was sticky.

We loved each other.

We love each other a little more all the time.


3 thoughts on “Our First Wedding Anniversary.

  1. I just love hearing about your lives and adventures! And thank you for the gorgeous photos….they really give me a feel for what you are experiencing in your new environment. We are all missing you dearly here in Seal Beach…..sending you as much love as you can contain. Leona


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