The Art of Intention and the Heart of Play

NJ is almost 9 months (omg) and her brain is starting to notice grouping and categories.

 Just like in the classroom I like to set up areas of exploration and provocation for NJ. I usually set up one between each nap.

 The thing about exploratories is that she’s not “supposed” to use it in any particular way. It’s just an intentional space for her, and sometimes her and I to play in together.

Humans adore intentional space at every age, and truly connect and thrive in them.

 For me these little intentional spaces are the difference between erratic searching/intermittent wining, and true rich play/exploration. 

What I’ve learned from children is that play with intention, play with boundaries, and play that is beautiful is true “free” play. These tiny provocations keep me grounded as a mother, I can put them together in under a few minutes, and perhaps more than anything it’s just this simple little act of love and intention.

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