Learning from Dirt and Dishes: A way of moving.

As parents and teachers walk into the unknowns of our upcoming school year, there are a couple things I want to remind myself and the world of.

First, take your time. By this I mean a few different things. Take time to adjust. Take time for yourself. And take your time moving through what might be called a simple or thoughtless task. Parents and teachers can sometimes rush through pieces of life that are enriching, and we forget how beautiful, calming, and supportive these little moments are. Like cleaning up after we eat- this is time together. It supports a great deal of learning. And it doesn’t have to be rushed. Take this time to be together.

Or what about those who live in cold winters? How often do we quickly try and get our toddlers snow gear on? Or an entire classroom? Or our own? Take your time. Use it as time to connect. Time to learn.

There is so much to learn and see and feel in a day and moving just a little more slowly helps us to see it. It also helps us feel less pressured by pace and more empowered by mindfulness.

Learning, working, and being don’t need a lot of complicated tools. We learn enormous amounts in just being human– if we move through our day just a little more slowly.

For families struggling to buy supplies for home schooling, and teachers struggling to fund their classrooms- let us remind ourselves how much of learning can be free. How much of learning is simply about connecting.

There are tools all around us. I found this whimsical and creative art project in my backyard. I enjoyed finding rocks with my daughter to make it. I enjoyed counting the pieces, clearing the dirt to make canvas. I enjoyed connecting with everything around me, including myself.

4 thoughts on “Learning from Dirt and Dishes: A way of moving.

  1. I’m usually rushed and hurried as I go about my day with our little ones. After reading this, I realized there was an opportunity to do things differently and create magic in our everyday moments. Yesterday morning we made apple sauce. I thought it would be a great chance to practice. At times I did ok, but a lot of the time I felt hurried and impatient. Then in the afternoon I tried to vacuum the house (quickly). Our oldest kept asking to vacuum and I kept saying no. And then I realized – why am I saying no?? So I gave him the vacuum and he decided to vacuum his room. I took it as an opportunity to move his furniture and he vacuumed in places I haven’t touched in several months. We worked together as a team (oh so slowly) and it was BEAUTIFUL. I’m going to keep practicing ✊🏼. Thank you for the inspiration ✨

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