Ms. Lisa’s Little Deliveries

Lisa Ortiz is a youth director in Seal Beach, CA. She is imaginative, insightful, supportive, and comes up with the sweetest ideas. She has been delivering special packages throughout the pandemic.

The other night Ms. Lisa shared with me the gift package she was dropping off for her students, and it was the neatest little package. When I asked her how she came across this cool content she said,

“Searching the web a couple years ago and I found this teacher in Oakland who teaches 5th grade in the inner city. He said that every day the kids could have experienced any number of traumas and so starting the day with meditation and breathing etc and it evolved into the shark fin and being your own superhero. It’s so simple but the kids love it.”

Lisa is talking about 5th grade teacher, Mr. Musumeci, and his connection to the book Master of Mindfulness, written by his fifth grade class.

Ms. Lisa is dropping of special Shark Fin gift packages to her student’s homes and I just adore them and the whole concept!

Ms. Lisa can also be found getting together little gift packages with easy supplies to create a monster mask:

Big thank you to Ms. Lisa. This makes my day and fills my heart!

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