Cave Paintings and Skipping Naps.

Both as ancient as time itself.

As for skipping naps in toddler-hood, what a total nightmare that can become. As for cave painting, imagine the cozy warmth of a cave and the dim light of fire and all of our most innate creative abilities stirring in the powerful space of boredom and exhaustion.

What do they have to do with each other?

Most toddlers try their hand at skipping naps, This can be for developmental reasons, becoming over-over tired or a very stimulating day.

Hopefully what I’ve learned about these days from kids themselves can ease some of the pains of a no-nap day (or week). The first thing I’ve learned is how much we can use light to help ease the over-tired pains of toddler hood. Light is a powerful aspect of our environments, and we all have personal and varying degrees of sensitivity to light in all of its form. However, when we are exhausted our sensitivity to light is more acute for all humans. This is where I came up with cave painting.

Cave Painting

First you’ll have to create a cave. In the pictures you see below the cave I created recently was under our kitchen table, covered in blankets. When I set this up I didn’t really say anything about it. If I remember correctly Nancy was just wondering around the house whining. I set up painting spaces for both of us in the cave, battery operated candles, and I just went inside and got started. Nancy came in on her own her sigh of relief and joy was quite apparent. I used paint but there are so many options from play dough to blocks, snacks to train tracks.

With caves and forts there is such a sacred and calming hymn to being human. It is especially wonderful in our youngest years- but for any grown up who has just let go of all the grown-up things for just a moment– the wonder and magic of a cave or fort is just as it was when we’re in our littlest form.

Have fun with this. And remember in times like a no-nap day…. L I G H T is your super power.

Art by Nancy June.

With So Much Love,

April R.

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