Our Bodies on the Potty

Just a reminder: potting training isn’t about peeing or pooping, it’s about the potty. When something isn’t quite going right, our best philosophy is actually a question: what do they need to know about the potty to help solve this?

We can skip over actual potty training with modern approaches similarly to how we can skip over learning by memorizing- and as ya’ll know I do not do surface learning, I do root learning.

In some situations families have to skip these because losing diapers is an absolute must (cost, daycare charges, health reasons and many other situations) but all of the little things about potty training are actually times we get to guide our children into some of their first, most essential experiences of autonomy and confidence– and you can do this anytime I promise. As we have seen in psychology these early experiences of our bodies and our ability to control and use them autonomously mold how our minds work, and our self concept well into adulthood.

I always recommend that before potty training give ample opportunities for your child to learn washing themselves- both body on the potty learning and learning to wash our bodies are deeply connected practices that support each other. And you might be surprised how much more interesting real washing tools are than boats sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

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