Making coloring books 3 dimensional and multifaceted.

Coloring books make very cool provocations. Especially if you can grab one that has your child’s interests. 🖍

I like to color a new page every couple of days and leave it out for NJ, I always add 3 dimensional aspects to explore with- particularly objects that go with things that have come up recently. However- the page displayed in this picture, NJ tries to find it right now even when I leave a new page open for her to come across. She says “apple?? Apple??” to let me know she wants to go back to this page. This picture really connected her to the different colors of apples, and she loves how there is “coffee” in the photo.

The 3 dimensional parts of this are connected to how NJ keeps saying E when she sees the letter B. We found a lizard on our walk and it was very exciting for her. We have been looking for yellow, blue, and green everywhere- which is easy because of dandelions, clear blue skies, and spring time grass. I obviously can’t really give this coloring my all 😂… do what you can.

I’ve found most children will explore artistic expression in early childhood with greater ease if you give them something you’ve worked on first, and they can add to it. Blank canvas, coloring books, and paper often have an overwhelming amount of choices in the beginning of life, fancy that!

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