Dear Child,

I trust that you will learn whatever you need and whatever you want,

So long as I protect that innate human way of being.

Not only do you show me how to protect it, but I can feel it deep in my bones when I really watch and listen.

And it changes.

Not only between you and someone else, but between time and community. Culture and continuity.

I’m often working on something else as I watch you, but my eyes are easily drawn to you, even as I gaze into something else, some other part of me still see’s you, still watches you, just as you do me.

You and I struggle with the same things in different circumstances and in different bodies, but my body has had a few different forms now so I hope to be there for you in support through this process.

You are a complete person, right here and right now. You contribute to our community by being a child.

When you come into the world, you begin showing us a deeper sense of love. This is no small job, but boy are you small.

As you play, you are building a future with everything around you.

Every morning you wake up, you can hardly wait to participate in this work.

You show us new ways of using tools, ideas, and magic.

It’s my guess that our advancement of tools- the basic distinction and evolution of our species- came from our children, and watching them- vividly, and blindly.

I know you feel so deeply driven to ask me to watch you, or in your words, “watch this.” I know it’s connecting me to the necessities of our future and the possibilities of our past.

I also create but without your perspective.

I also ask you to watch me just as often, I think this exchange may come from being creators, that’s what humans do.

You are essential to our communal creative process, and this is what makes you precious.

One thought on “Dear Child,

  1. This makes me cry. Eloquently expressed. All mothers should read this. It’s never too late to reflect and get better as a mom, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend etc.

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