Care of schools, teachers, and leadership that rebuilds the foundation of early childhood.

Your school is not broken. You, the parent, the caregiver, the teacher – are not broken.

The foundation of early childhood has been overwhelmed and broken. With the ECE workforce diminishing at alarming speeds, teacher and leadership burnout at all time highs, and you- an important person in a child’s life- reaching all time lows, to say intervention is necessary would be an understatement. Intervention is our only option.

Teachers, leadership, and schools need the same care and support they offer, and it should be standard practice to have professional support in managing times of overwhelm, staff shortages, beauty, cleaning, and organization of schools, implementing new programs, or healing workplace conflict and negativity.

As we move forward, together, I hope that the field of early childhood becomes a place not for burn out, but for protecting the inner flame to serve and enrich the lives of children, teachers, and families.

April Reeves