Welcome to The Learning Root.

A collective space for renewing the early childhood work force, reimagining schools, healing philosophical divisions, and rebuilding the broken foundation of early childhood one support system at a time.

And I’m April. Here I am living my best 3 year old life, the year is 1987 and I’m probably about to have a complete melt down about my shoes being dirty.

Today I’m having a melt down about the state of Early Childhood in Colorado and beyond. Covid has revealed how incredibly broken the foundation of early childhood is.

The weight of society has trampled our workforce, taken down some of the world’s best teachers and leaders, and exhausted the hearts of those caregivers that light up our children’s hearts, and make our families feel truly cared for.

Although my heart is exhausted too, I want nothing more than to rethink early childhood as we see it, and I’m not going to wait for change any longer.

I know relief and care for our workforce is possible today, so that we have better schools tomorrow.

April received her degree in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University Fullerton and completed her Masters in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on Leadership and Organizational Change.

Winner of the Althea B. McLaren award in Arts in Early Childhood and the Robert B. McLaren award in Children’s Moral Development.