The Exploring.

Today Gavin and I went to watch some court cases in Jefferson County. Gavin is interested in law, particularly immigration and international, so we wanted to do some exploring, starting with district attorneys and county attorneys. Not as prestigious as his hopes of working in Canada, but you gotta start some place 😉🧐

2 thoughts on “The Exploring.

  1. Oh April, I’m so proud of Gavin and his interest in the law. How cool that the two of you are exploring these places. You and Josh are already proud of Gavin, and I know that when he’s all grown up and through with school and is working, he’s going to be a STAR in all that he does, and then you two will even be prouder of him.

    I can’t wait to hear all about the new baby. I’m thinking she’ll be a female!!

    Miss you guys. Will be so glad when we have our permanent minister. I’ve watched UTube videos of the other two candidates. Not wild about Jay and did like Patti.


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