For the inspired.

Sometimes all I need is a picture to get my creative cosmos moving. If you’re looking for something to build your rocket with, please don’t stop here! But while you’re here, mosey on through.

Pipe Cleaner and Wiffle ball: strengthening pincer grasp, hand eye coordination, problem solving and imaginative play. What? Don’t you see the octopus in this picture?

Alphabet search in water beads: I love water beads- a relaxing, soothing physical experience that is cherished by children and adults. The letter cubes came from the game Bananagrams and I made the matching alphabet chart. This is a fun one person activity and can also be used during class gatherings. Strengthening our pincer grasp for writing, our focus and mental strength for living, and our wonder for engaging.

Baking soda, vinegar and food coloring: Art that makes sound and science. Explore color mixing, scientific reaction and the beautiful buzzzz and fizz that comes with every drop; all while strengthening those writing muscles, coordination and wonder for both the arts and sciences.

Color sorting tubes and open-ended art: a special place for raw and creative art using an array of open ended supplies. Color sorting tubes that require balancing and the soft controlled drop of each pompom ball.

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